Condensed wisdom from my heart to yours.


"When dealing with major issues, perspective is key. No matter how big your issue is, someone in the world is suffering more than you. Holding this perspective gives your mind more space to be less constricted about the issue you face. This necessary bit of leverage can give you that needed edge to pierce into the heart of the issue and survive another day." --kw

"Under it all, you're much more than you know. No matter how hard it gets or how down you are, you are greater than that part of you that's feeling low. There's always a higher part of yourself to reside in. Know this and you will pull yourself up in those times of need." --kw

"We are born to seek out the radiant warmth of our divine source so that we free it to express through us. Within, we seek that nurturing womb where source consciousness already lives. When a seed orients itself to the sun, it starts to free the expression of the flower whose potential rests within it . We, like the seed, are encoded to seek the divine radiant source of life to initiate the blossoming of our fullest expression." --kw

"We perceive in others that which we see in ourselves. If we can’t see beauty in ourselves, where in the world will beauty ever exist? If we can’t see divinity in ourselves, what could ever be divine?" --kw