05. Selfless Service and the Ego



What motivates our desire to serve others? Does the measurement of the outcome of our service really matter in the grand scheme of things? Will we judge ourselves at the end of our lives for how much we did or did not contribute? How do our egos come into this equation of serving others and does this serve a purpose?

In this episode we dive into the mechanics of service. We talk about having clarity, consent, and clear communication when serving others and how this sets the foundation for both parties to benefit from the service provided. I talk about having a healthy dialog with yourself and being honest with any needs that might arise when giving service. The more you understand the reasons you serve, the clearer the energy with which you serve becomes.

[0:00] A question was sent in related to selfless service and the ego and the desire to have measurable outcomes to things we do to help.

[1:00] How I connect to a deeper wisdom by not preparing for my episodes.

[4:50] The struggle of wanting to do "good" in the world and the subtle outcomes we hope for within these endeavors.

[6:00] - People ultimately want to do good. This is heavily evidenced in times of crisis when there's no time to prepare and people just jump into action.

[7:30] Where to goals related to service come from? Ego? Deeper in our psyche? Does it really matter? You get to decide.

[17:00] Consensual service. Is the being that you're serving actually requesting the service? Is the result of the service potentially disrupting? Without the consent to serve, is it service at that point, or is it a one-sided act meant to fulfill the needs of the one giving the service?

[19:40] What is true service?

[25:50] Service as an aid to move past your own issues.

[27:00] Is absolute altruism actually attainable? What is the ideal form of serving others? Is it okay to get our needs met when we are serving others?

[30:00] Making sure your needs are met (as the one giving the service) so that you can give your service fully to the one in need.

[33:40] True service starts with serving yourself.

[36:10] Service and the laws of karma and reciprocation.

[38:00] The immense inter-connectivity of beings on this planet.

[40:38] Closing statements. 

04. The Overlooked Key to Healing Ourselves



The process of healing is delicately complex. One of the components of healing that goes unmentioned in the western world is that of "envisioning" one's healing. This goes beyond merely the power of positive thinking. This isn't about false belief. It's about calling in a possibility that lives in the myriad of potential outcomes; one of those outcomes is to be completely healed of your affliction. The more we can connect with this possibility, the more clear our vision becomes of us in a healed state. The more clarity we hold of us in a healed state, the more we call in the subtle energies that promote healing. The power of this vision can sometimes be the one tipping point, the one toggle switch to bring us back to stasis, back to our whole selves.

[2:50] - The power of vision as it relates to healing ourselves.

[4:30] - Envisioning your future outcome and how it relates to your healing journey.

[6:00] - How envisioning an outcome plays a role in the future manifestation of said outcome. How healing and our envisioning minds are interrelated.

[8:47] - Seeing and feeling yourself completely healed as a supporting energy in the healing process.

[11:15] - The envisioning process further explained.

[22:22] - Challenge: Exploring your destiny to be healed.

[24:38] - Closing points.

03: Completion: Why Some People Achieve It and Some Don't



Have you ever wondered why some people seem to rocket through their goals and projects enabling them to manifest whatever they envision? While others can't seem to complete what they started due to quitting their projects as soon as they hit a speed-bump or have to do something they don't want to do? Some of us only want to do the fun stuff and aren't willing to push through the boring and tedious parts of our passions and pursuits.

Does it take a "special" kind of person to accomplish what to many seems unreachable? Or is there a more fundamental approach which we might be overlooking that could enable us to do anything we set out to do? In this episode we take a closer look at a new way to see our projects…a way that can empower us to push through those difficult parts in order to reach the other side.


[0:50] - What makes it possible for some to achieve greatness or success, and some to not? Discussing people that see a goal and directly towards it, and people that quit and jump ship as soon as they hit a bump.

[4:45] - My thoughts on what the missing thing is for some people that stands in their way of achieving greatness. The self-centric and selfless ways of being explained.

[9:50] - Switching our way of thinking to stoke the fire of motivation towards our greater visions.

[14:00] - Connecting a greater purpose to what you're already doing in life in order to bring more of your gifts to the rest of the world.

[15:50] - Why are you stuck? Do you know? Let me know.

[17:50] - How is not executing on your passions shorting the world and creating a negative opportunity cost for others who would benefit had you stuck with those things you loved?

[20:20] - What's your story of why you can't get to the heights of which you're capable?

[21:30] - Challenge: Look into your past and ask if the things you've done in the past had a greater purpose driving them. Before you start your next project, connect a greater purpose to it and see how it changes your ability to stick through the tough spots and achieve your vision.

[22:50] - What's moved our society forward in the past? Selfishness, or people acting out of a greater purpose to effect the world?

[27:49] - Closing.

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02: Getting Free From Limiting Perceptions, Stories and Beliefs



Can harnessing a skillful command over our perceptions help us grow and become more advanced beings? There was a point where you were completely pure and empty…"perceptionless". Your perceptions were taught to you, learned, and conditioned from your environmental influences. How do your early formed perceptions affect your life today? Expanding the capacity of our perceptions is a means of personal growth and increased awareness. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the mechanics of perception and how to retrain and re-tune your perceptive capacities to serve your higher self. 

The first part of this episode I start out with a quick disclaimer about sound issues with my natural surroundings. Then I talk a bit about reactivity and working to subdue instinctual reactions while using our natural environment to work on fears and reactivity. 


 [7:50] - What is perception and how does it affect our lives? Can harnessing control over our perceptions help us grow? Where did our current perceptions of the world come from? 
Do the serve us, or serve to limit us? Why is it important to understand the perceptions of others? What if we could truly see from another's standpoint and how could that could contribute to world peace?

[10:26] - Where did our perceptions of the world come from? 
Our perceptions are unique. Cultivating the knowledge that others' perceptions are unique and relevant will help us to be less attached to ours and more understanding of others. 

[12:00] - Understanding the perceptions of others as a means towards world peace.

[13:40] - Again, what is perception? A deeper dive.

[15:20] - Growing the scope of our perceptions is a means of personal growth and expanded awareness. 
What comes first, our perceptions, or the thing that grows out of the perceptive space? 
Does the thing have to be there before we perceive it, or do we have to perceive the thing in order to manifest it?

[17:51] - How are you expanding your perceptive abilities? What are you doing to expand your view of the world and your view of others? What are you doing to create more space in your perceptive realm to allow for more possibilities in your life?

[20:00] - Practices to expand our perceptive abilities. This exercise breaks down the solidity of our rigid structures of perception. 

[24:51] - Practicing "re-remembering" something for the first time to renew the joy of a past experience.

[30:56] - How are your perceptions freeing you or imprisoning you? Discussing self-limiting perceptions as stories that can be retold. 

[33:05] - The cost of not unwinding limiting perceptions.

[35:20] - What lies on the other side of a perception? 

[37:40] - You weren't born with perceptions. At some point you were completely pure and empty. You perceptions were taught, learned, fabricated and conditioned. 

[40:00] - Challenge - Do an inventory of your perceptions. Contemplate how they affect your actions and reactions. Contemplate how they influence others' perceptions of you.

[43:43] - Closing comments. Please leave a review and let's connect. Let me know what you think about this talk.

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01: Finding Your Life's Purpose and Intentions for This Podcast


Have you ever heard something or read a passage in a book that changed your life’s path forever? Have you ever had an epiphany after which you never saw a situation the same way again? At times do you reflect on the fact that you are capable of much more than you are currently being, doing, and having? Do you hear a deep calling inside whereby if answered you’d be living life to its fullest?

The New Perspectives podcast is a compilation of talks, interviews and conversations that I’ve created with the intent to help you remember your beauty and possibility, while inspiring you to live proactively from your highest potential. My hope is that the words you hear will light a spark in you from which a tipping point can occur in your life. Topics are wide ranging and meant to touch places deep in you from which new contemplations can take place. Out of these contemplations exists possibilities for new ways of thinking, being and showing up in the world.

This time on our planet is a critical one. We are pushing into new territory as a humanity and are being called to step up our efforts by moving from self-centricism and isolation to a more selfless and inclusive way of living. To this end, we will need to form new patterns of thinking and doing and build a more expanded awareness with an increased capacity to intake, transform and express the intelligent energy that flows through us.

We can no longer afford wasted efforts, fruitless pursuits and monotonous, habitual lives. This is the time we’ve been hearing about and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The place is here and the time is now.

Thank you for showing up and doing the work.

Honoring you,



In this episode I talk about my reasons for creating this podcast and what I'd like the audience to get out of listening to it. My main intention is to inspire new ways of thinking about the world and its phenomena, the self, and one's purpose while here.

Why are we doing what we're doing? Why do we put more effort into helping other things reaching their potential (like companies), yet we don't work near as hard to help ourselves reach our own potential? Hopefully the words and content in this podcast will remind you of your potential and inspire you to live within it.

We all have our gifts and something to offer the world, whether that be our skills, our wisdom, or our artistic expressions. Everyone's gift is relevant to the rest of the world and the more we express those gifts, the better the world becomes.

I didn't always know what I wanted to do in life or know what my life's purpose was. When I figured it out, I realized that it wasn't about "what" I did, but rather "how" I did what I did. Eventually my "purpose" became more about "being" and less about "doing". More about how I was showing up, and less about what I was showing up for.

What underlies your purpose in life and how are you executing on it?

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