02: Getting Free From Limiting Perceptions, Stories and Beliefs



Can harnessing a skillful command over our perceptions help us grow and become more advanced beings? There was a point where you were completely pure and empty…"perceptionless". Your perceptions were taught to you, learned, and conditioned from your environmental influences. How do your early formed perceptions affect your life today? Expanding the capacity of our perceptions is a means of personal growth and increased awareness. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the mechanics of perception and how to retrain and re-tune your perceptive capacities to serve your higher self. 

The first part of this episode I start out with a quick disclaimer about sound issues with my natural surroundings. Then I talk a bit about reactivity and working to subdue instinctual reactions while using our natural environment to work on fears and reactivity. 


 [7:50] - What is perception and how does it affect our lives? Can harnessing control over our perceptions help us grow? Where did our current perceptions of the world come from? 
Do the serve us, or serve to limit us? Why is it important to understand the perceptions of others? What if we could truly see from another's standpoint and how could that could contribute to world peace?

[10:26] - Where did our perceptions of the world come from? 
Our perceptions are unique. Cultivating the knowledge that others' perceptions are unique and relevant will help us to be less attached to ours and more understanding of others. 

[12:00] - Understanding the perceptions of others as a means towards world peace.

[13:40] - Again, what is perception? A deeper dive.

[15:20] - Growing the scope of our perceptions is a means of personal growth and expanded awareness. 
What comes first, our perceptions, or the thing that grows out of the perceptive space? 
Does the thing have to be there before we perceive it, or do we have to perceive the thing in order to manifest it?

[17:51] - How are you expanding your perceptive abilities? What are you doing to expand your view of the world and your view of others? What are you doing to create more space in your perceptive realm to allow for more possibilities in your life?

[20:00] - Practices to expand our perceptive abilities. This exercise breaks down the solidity of our rigid structures of perception. 

[24:51] - Practicing "re-remembering" something for the first time to renew the joy of a past experience.

[30:56] - How are your perceptions freeing you or imprisoning you? Discussing self-limiting perceptions as stories that can be retold. 

[33:05] - The cost of not unwinding limiting perceptions.

[35:20] - What lies on the other side of a perception? 

[37:40] - You weren't born with perceptions. At some point you were completely pure and empty. You perceptions were taught, learned, fabricated and conditioned. 

[40:00] - Challenge - Do an inventory of your perceptions. Contemplate how they affect your actions and reactions. Contemplate how they influence others' perceptions of you.

[43:43] - Closing comments. Please leave a review and let's connect. Let me know what you think about this talk.

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