03: Completion: Why Some People Achieve It and Some Don't



Have you ever wondered why some people seem to rocket through their goals and projects enabling them to manifest whatever they envision? While others can't seem to complete what they started due to quitting their projects as soon as they hit a speed-bump or have to do something they don't want to do? Some of us only want to do the fun stuff and aren't willing to push through the boring and tedious parts of our passions and pursuits.

Does it take a "special" kind of person to accomplish what to many seems unreachable? Or is there a more fundamental approach which we might be overlooking that could enable us to do anything we set out to do? In this episode we take a closer look at a new way to see our projects…a way that can empower us to push through those difficult parts in order to reach the other side.


[0:50] - What makes it possible for some to achieve greatness or success, and some to not? Discussing people that see a goal and directly towards it, and people that quit and jump ship as soon as they hit a bump.

[4:45] - My thoughts on what the missing thing is for some people that stands in their way of achieving greatness. The self-centric and selfless ways of being explained.

[9:50] - Switching our way of thinking to stoke the fire of motivation towards our greater visions.

[14:00] - Connecting a greater purpose to what you're already doing in life in order to bring more of your gifts to the rest of the world.

[15:50] - Why are you stuck? Do you know? Let me know.

[17:50] - How is not executing on your passions shorting the world and creating a negative opportunity cost for others who would benefit had you stuck with those things you loved?

[20:20] - What's your story of why you can't get to the heights of which you're capable?

[21:30] - Challenge: Look into your past and ask if the things you've done in the past had a greater purpose driving them. Before you start your next project, connect a greater purpose to it and see how it changes your ability to stick through the tough spots and achieve your vision.

[22:50] - What's moved our society forward in the past? Selfishness, or people acting out of a greater purpose to effect the world?

[27:49] - Closing.

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