04. The Overlooked Key to Healing Ourselves



The process of healing is delicately complex. One of the components of healing that goes unmentioned in the western world is that of "envisioning" one's healing. This goes beyond merely the power of positive thinking. This isn't about false belief. It's about calling in a possibility that lives in the myriad of potential outcomes; one of those outcomes is to be completely healed of your affliction. The more we can connect with this possibility, the more clear our vision becomes of us in a healed state. The more clarity we hold of us in a healed state, the more we call in the subtle energies that promote healing. The power of this vision can sometimes be the one tipping point, the one toggle switch to bring us back to stasis, back to our whole selves.

[2:50] - The power of vision as it relates to healing ourselves.

[4:30] - Envisioning your future outcome and how it relates to your healing journey.

[6:00] - How envisioning an outcome plays a role in the future manifestation of said outcome. How healing and our envisioning minds are interrelated.

[8:47] - Seeing and feeling yourself completely healed as a supporting energy in the healing process.

[11:15] - The envisioning process further explained.

[22:22] - Challenge: Exploring your destiny to be healed.

[24:38] - Closing points.