05. Selfless Service and the Ego



What motivates our desire to serve others? Does the measurement of the outcome of our service really matter in the grand scheme of things? Will we judge ourselves at the end of our lives for how much we did or did not contribute? How do our egos come into this equation of serving others and does this serve a purpose?

In this episode we dive into the mechanics of service. We talk about having clarity, consent, and clear communication when serving others and how this sets the foundation for both parties to benefit from the service provided. I talk about having a healthy dialog with yourself and being honest with any needs that might arise when giving service. The more you understand the reasons you serve, the clearer the energy with which you serve becomes.

[0:00] A question was sent in related to selfless service and the ego and the desire to have measurable outcomes to things we do to help.

[1:00] How I connect to a deeper wisdom by not preparing for my episodes.

[4:50] The struggle of wanting to do "good" in the world and the subtle outcomes we hope for within these endeavors.

[6:00] - People ultimately want to do good. This is heavily evidenced in times of crisis when there's no time to prepare and people just jump into action.

[7:30] Where to goals related to service come from? Ego? Deeper in our psyche? Does it really matter? You get to decide.

[17:00] Consensual service. Is the being that you're serving actually requesting the service? Is the result of the service potentially disrupting? Without the consent to serve, is it service at that point, or is it a one-sided act meant to fulfill the needs of the one giving the service?

[19:40] What is true service?

[25:50] Service as an aid to move past your own issues.

[27:00] Is absolute altruism actually attainable? What is the ideal form of serving others? Is it okay to get our needs met when we are serving others?

[30:00] Making sure your needs are met (as the one giving the service) so that you can give your service fully to the one in need.

[33:40] True service starts with serving yourself.

[36:10] Service and the laws of karma and reciprocation.

[38:00] The immense inter-connectivity of beings on this planet.

[40:38] Closing statements.