06. That Voice in Our Heads: Regaining Control




[4:30] How do you know when to listen to the voice in your head? How do you know it's not your ego? How does your voice affect you and your outcomes.

[6:00] How do you know when you out of your own way?

[7:30] Where does judgement come from?

[10:50] How are you hearing the voice in your head and is the way you're hearing it aligned with your higher ideals?

[15:15] Where the voice comes from and when to listen to it.

[18:15] You're the only one who can create change in your life.

[21:50] Using your inner voice to get through hardship.

[22:50] How to regain control when others have negatively influenced the voice in your head.

[26:10] Stop giving your power away.

[26:50] Reprogramming the voice in your head.

[28:00] Bringing it all together.