07. Escaping Our Inner Prison to Return to Our True Selves



Part of being human is forgetting who we truly are and forgetting our divine purpose on this planet. This "forgetting" starts early and continues throughout adulthood until we are so far from our essential Truth that we have no clue how to navigate back to our center. If we're lucky, we are able to recall a semblance of who we once were before the layers and layers of story, expectation, and false narratives were laid upon us. If we're even more lucky, we begin to call forth the core of who we are and re-member the dismembered parts of our whole being. This can be a lifelong feat of back and forth motions between our masks and costumes and our pure self. In this talk I dig deep into this "forgetting" and how to come through on the other side, awakened and aware.

Show Notes

[0:30] - Explaining what the mother of all cons is and how it affects us.

[2:45] - The forgetting of who we are and why we are here.

[4:30] - IMO everything comes from the single unknown source. Everything has a certain level of connection to that source, therefore everything has relevance.

[6:00] - Windows into our essential selves and the proximity of it to our everyday selves and when that self comes out.

[8:32] - The importance of "stories" to help us transcend and grow as humanity.

[9:20] - We are up against so many opportunities to forget who we truly are. We are running the con upon ourselves. There is no one else who can awaken us out of the con.

[15:00] - You have to realize you're asleep before you can awaken.

[20:15] - How the con of forgetting gets started, continues and is made more complex as time goes on.

[23:30] - Carefully using "story" as a tool to awaken.

[27:10] - Why do we forget our truth or divinity? Why is the con part of our existence?

[29:30] - The mechanisms that divide versus those that connect us an discerning between mechanisms that serve or ones that imprison us.

[39:40] - Navigating through our self-imposed prison.

[40:35] - Truth has no agenda. The process of awakening.

[41:00] - Navigating through victimhood.