08. The Seeds of Life: An Interview with Ben Richards, Part 1


In this episode, I caught up with Ben Richards, owner of the Seeds of Life raw food restaurant and elixir bar in Ubud, Bali. Ben Richards has been living the Raw Food lifestyle to the fullest for over 11 years, completing over 70 fasts and vision quests from 1 day to 30 days. He's a student of life, educator, holographic kinetics facilitator, body worker, practicing yogi, chocolatier, Taoist tonic herbalist, certified tea master and certified at E Cornell for nutrition.


This long form interview is broken into 3 parts. We cover a gambit of topics such as:

  • Ashtanga yoga

  • Autophagy

  • Bandas

  • Biophotonic energy

  • Biophotons

  • Blood type diets

  • Body acidity

  • Breatharian

  • Cleansing

  • Colonics

  • Darkroom retreat

  • DMT

  • Feminism

  • Health and wellness

  • Holographic Kinetics

  • Immortality phenomena

  • Mantak Chia

  • Metabolism

  • Mycelium

  • Plant based diets

  • Pranic enery

  • Pratyahara

  • Raw food diets

  • Having a sixth sense

  • Spiritual practice

  • Sugar

  • Systems of control

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Yogi


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[0:00-4:45]: Intro. Who is Ben and what is he up to?

[5:00-11:00]: General discussion about health, coffee, sugar, metabolism

[11:00-23:50]: Health, healing, fasting and fruit based diets, pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), yogic practices, human biological characteristics, Darkrooms

[23:50-29:30]: deeper dive into pratyahara and withdrawing the senses in everyday life. More on fruit based diets.

[29:30-36:10]: Spiritual health of a diet versus physical health. Eating what your "body needs" versus what your spirit and mind need. The creation of life and the omniscient spirit. Biophotonic light and how to get life-force out of food.

[36:10-39:00]: How to ask the right questions to make the right food choices. How certain "health choices" involve the suffering of others. Eating based on blood type.

[39:00-52:00]: Spiritual links between us and the food we eat. Further discussion of plant based diets. Human nature and the goodness of people. Removing the veil. Feminist who drink milk and call themselves feminists. The path of growth and potentiation for humanity. What is knowing.

[52:00-59:00]: The collective responsibility of humanity and other humans and how to draw the line when someone's choices are effecting the well-being of others. How to suggest change to others gently to enable a better planet.

[59:00-62:00]: The key to reconnecting humanity to Source Consciousness through biophotonic reconnection and communication.

[62:00-66:00]: Effects of chemically and genetically manipulated food on our consciousness. High vibration food as a means to increase internal awareness leading to different lifestyle habits. Basic needs versus subsequent needs and why we have useless needs that occupy our time and energy.

[66:00-75:20]: The veil of beliefs and limitations. How humans are being controlled by the powers that be. How trauma remains in a being. Discussion of evolution.

[75:20-END]: Holographic Kinetics